Calibrated Brazilian Slate Sill 50mm Thick Dark Grey

Calibrated Brazilian Slate Sill 50mm thick Dark Grey.

Slate Sills form the horizontal lower part of the window.

They form a weather-repellent area for your window and look aesthetically pleasing.

Slate Sills can be used internally or externally.

Slate Sills Give a property a certain stylish look and form a very important job by acting as a barrier to moisture intrusion to the property below the window. Slate is a natural non-porous product and will help protect against moisture.

Our Brazilian Slate Sills are available in a range of sizes or can be cut to size on request.

For any questions on Our Slate Sills or queries regarding our Slate Products, Please just give our team a call on 01487 829401, or send us an Email.


All natural slate/stone is delivered unsealed and we recommended to seal the slate prior to laying and once completed for maximum protection.