Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Slate Floor Tiles Direct

Are the sample Slate Floor Tiles really FREE?

YES, Just fill in the form and we will do the rest, give us a few days and your FREE sample will be delivered direct to your door

What is a Calibrated Slate Tile?

There are three main types of tiles available for flooring:

Calibrated Slate Floor Tiles have been machined on the back and have virtually no variation in thickens making them the easiest floor tile to lay.

Un Gauged Slate Floor Tiles are just split slate and are riven on both sides, they vary in thickness and require more adhesive as the thicknesses vary so much.

Gauged Slate Floor Tiles have been lightly machined to stop them rocking but will vary in thickness again making them harder to lay.


When will I receive my order?

Once you have Successfully checked out on our website we receive your order almost instantly, we then pass this onto our warehouse for picking, quality checking and packing onto pallets. From Order to Dispatch is Usually 2 Days, we use a pallet delivery network company to deliver our pallets within 2 days. 

Custom orders may take a little longer but you will be informed of a delivery date as soon as possible


What is your returns policy?

We abide by all distance selling rules and returns within 14 days after delivery are accepted but you must pay for the return delivery cost. Please call our office 01487 829401 if you wish to return your Slate Products ordered. Custom Manufactured orders are not returnable.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We do not have one, you can order as much or as little as you require.

Why Brazilian Slate Floor Tiles, Sills and Hearths

With many years experience in the Slate industry we have found that Brazilian Slate Floor Tiles have the best quality’s for this application at the correct Consistency and price due to the unique deposits found in Brazilian quarry’s. There Durable and Hard wearing and will last for many many years.

Do I have to seal the Slate

Yes, we recommend sealing the slate before fitting and after fitting with a quality external or internal sealer, this will help protect you new Slate Flooring tiles from weathering and aids stain resistance. 

What is the thickness of your Slate Products?

Our Calibrated Brazilian indoor Slate Floor Tiles are 10mm Thick 

Our Calibrated Brazilian Outdoor Slate Floor Tiles are 15mm Thick

Our Slate Sills vary in thickness depending on your requirements, usual sizes are 20 and 25mm thick.

Our Slate Hearths are Custom Made so can be any thickness you require, maximum 75mm


Its hard to see the texture of the Slate Floor Tiles on the pictures?

We know this is important to our customers and unfortunately it is very hard to show this in a picture on our website, this is why we offer a free sample so you can touch and feel our slate products first hand. Click Here to order your free sample


My Kitchen is 10sqm exactly, should I order more than 10sqm?

Yes, We recommend at least 10% extra for cutting and damaging tiles when there cut, on more complex room shapes we would suggest you consult your tiler.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at sales@slateflooringdirect.co.uk  or call us on 01487 829401